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Why We Give: First Congregational Church of Redwood City

Fifteen years ago, when our congregation was struggling to keep the doors open, pay staff, and remain good stewards of our campus, we reached out to the Northern California Nevada Conference (NCNC) for help.  They were available to listen to our concerns and fears, point us toward resources, and help us formulate our thoughts into a solid plan allowing us to move forward as a community of faith.

During this challenging time, we donated very little to Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM), so we are extremely grateful to the churches who were able to give a portion of their own budget to help the work of the Conference.  As you know, 10% of your OCWM donations are passed on to the national UCC for justice programs, missionaries, creating resources for local churches, education, leadership training, and much more.  Our journey was also supported by an offering staff time by our national office.

Now that we are financially stable, we support the NCNC through donations to OCWM, and have become a 5 for 5 congregation.  We’re proud to play a small part in keeping UCC churches strong, effective, and growing.

Kathie Fosgett, Executive Director
First Church of Redwood City, UCC

Talk with your church leadership and ask about how much you’re budgeting toward OCWM each year. And consider becoming a Friend of the Conference with your own donation today!



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