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Let’s Talk: About Lent

By Conference Minister Diane Weible

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday so I’ve been thinking a lot about the intention with which I will approach Lent this year

The older I get the more I understand the importance of Ash Wednesday for my spiritual journey. It is not just the first day of Lent but an invitation to enter into the next six weeks in a different way. I meant it when I say that it really is a journey. Lent is a time to take a moment and look at my life in a different way. Meditation, Lenten devotionals (see two possibilities from our NCNC ministers below), a book or a song that opens my eyes to see the world differently, a prayer time each day that allows the Divine in me to not just fill me but to also open me to a new way of looking at the world—these are all the ways I am trying to find those moments in each day this season that allow me to experience this sacred time as never before.

The spark of God (or the Divine or the Holy—whatever word speaks the most to you) is in each one of us. Nurturing and encouraging that Spark to grow within us and begin to inform our life in vibrant ways is, I’m convinced, the key to finding peace and to finding purpose in this life. There is no where we cannot go and there is nothing we cannot do if we invite God’s presence to expand within us and show us the way. Lent is a time where we can step outside of ordinary time and ordinary days and do a little work on what is inside.

I am looking forward to this season of Lent and all that I will learn and all that I will experience of God’s presence. I pray that you find those moments for prayer and reflection as well.


Two of our NCNC Ministers sent us links to devotions for lent that we want to share with you:
Daily Devotionals from Mary Susan Gast. Scroll down, there is a written devotional for each day.
Video Devotionals from Bonnie Hollinger. There is a new devotional each weekday, which you can access by going to YouTube and typing in Pastor Bonnie Hollinger FCCM.

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