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Let’s Talk: About Fires

By Conference Minister Diane Weible

This past week I have received emails and phone calls from our church family throughout the United Church of Christ, offering support and love to all of our communities affected by wildfires. I have received emails and phone calls from your siblings in Christ in this Conference asking what our communities need at this time and how can they help. Everyone has told me they are praying. I am praying. We all are praying.

While a few areas of the Bay Area have received a respite from the smoke, at least for a few days, all of us are constantly aware that fires are affecting many places in the West even as hurricanes are affecting churches and the communities in the East. None of us know which way the fires may move and we all know that the fire season is nowhere near over. As some of our siblings are still displaced from their homes we offer our love and support and ask what it is that we can do to support you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

One of the reasons we have created a list serve called “Currents,” (see article below) is so people across our Conference can share news–news of fires, church-related events, prayer requests and other “speakout” offerings to enhance communication among our members.

This is a tender time and the Spirit’s invitation to us is to be able to be there for one another in ways that are needed the most.

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