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Let’s Talk: About Voting

By Conference Minister Diane Weible

The one sermon I memorized from all that I have heard and all that I have preached in my lifetime is the one my minister gave when I was 14.

It was Cantata Sunday. In the church I grew up in, the minister doesn’t give a sermon on Cantata Sunday. But this minister wanted to.

He climbed into the pulpit, prepared his notes, looked out at the congregation and said, “God is love.” Then he turned around, climbed back down and took his seat.

I still remember it. Sometimes, there is no need to say a lot of words when something feels really important. Remembering that God is love, is important. That simple truth was all that mattered that day and now 40 years later I still remember it.

This scene from my childhood popped into my mind as I sat to write this day. But it was not those all-important words that came to mind this time. Yes, I believe with all my heart that God is love and with all my heart I believe we need God’s love now more than ever.

And, what came to mind was this simple sentence: Please make sure you vote.

This is one of those times when I do not need a lot of words to say what is on my mind; to be clear about what feels really important on this particular day; at this particular moment.

No matter who you are or what political viewpoint you most identify with, please vote.



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