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Letter from Barry Cammer 

On Saturday, May 22nd, at a meeting of conference delegates, the decision was made to sell Camp Cazadero to Shelterwood.  As a member of the Under the Bell committee, I wish to share the following personal comments with everyone in the Conference. 


On behalf of everyone who has had a good and perhaps transformative experience at Caz, I have deep gratitude.  To the Conference who purchased the camp some 80 years ago, and has been maintaining it, I say thank you.  The memories held by everyone who has experienced Caz are indelible and will be treasured for a lifetime.  To the multitude of volunteer staff, counselors, nurses, chaplains, and others, I say thank you and may your lives always be blessed by what you’ve offered and given to so many of our youth and adults. 


At this time, I release Camp Caz to the stewardship of other caregivers.  my hopes and prayers are that these new stewards will use Caz wisely, with respect, with love for its history, not only the history of our Conference of churches but for those who stewarded and peopled the land before us. May God continue to use Caz as a place of spiritual awakening, care for the planet, and love for one another. May Spirit continue to dwell in this place always. 


As important as Caz has been for so many, moving forward, we must continue to affirm that one of the ministries to which we have been called is the ministry to the youth in our churches and our communities..  What remains is the care and nurture of lives, young and old. What continues is our openness to how we will share God’s unwavering love in this time and in new ways.   

Moving Forward Together 

As in the Quaker tradition, I recognize the decision of our Conference family to make it possible for another group of caring souls to use Camp Caz in meaningful ways.  Guided by the values of consensus, while the outcome may not be what everyone wanted, at this time, I believe that all voices have been heard.  I pledge to honor and respect the will of the many, and to assist in any way possible. 

Let there be no division among us.  If there is healing needed, let the healing begin.  We are a family and shall remain so, with the grace of God.  My prayers are not only looking to the past, but also to the future.  Our prayers are that all who step foot on Camp Caz soil will, like us, be transformed in ways beyond our imagination. 

Peace of Christ to All. 

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