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I Didn’t Know That! Vincent Wu

Frank McCourt (1930-2009) was an Irish-American teacher and Pulitzer Prize writer.  He is attributed with the quote “Everyone has a story to share.  You just have to write it.”  Many of us would say that we lead a fairly mundane life.   Nothing really to share.  But that’s just your perspective.

How many others do we know that have stories to share?  How many others within our conference that have stories to share that would make us say “I didn’t know that?”

This begins a series of interviews by Dick Hom (San Francisco, Chinese Congregational Church UCC) on people in our conference and in our churches who have stories to share.

It is hoped that these interviews will bring us a little closer to each other as a conference and as individuals.  Leave your comments below on what you think of the series.

This is the interview that started IDKT?  During Dr. Martin Luther, Jr’s march on Selma in 1965, there were not only African Americans marching, but people of many colors.  This included some Asian Americans.  I did not know this until I found out that one of the members of my church was among them.  Here is my interview with Vincent Wu.

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  • Mei Wang

    Thank you so much, Dick, for this meaning-full and well needed interview series! I especially appreciate the title of this project, “I didn’t know that!” It’s time for me to know and to listen to those untold or marginalized stories!
    It’s time for me to focus on those common Asian American folks/heroes and bring them to my consciousness and awareness.
    Again, thank you, Dick, for this meaningful ministry!

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