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2022 Fair & Just Compensation Updates

Conference Council has approved the 2022 revision to Fair & Just Compensation for Church Workers. It is now commended to the Local Churches and Authorized Ministers for their review and guidance in negotiating terms of employment.

Changes from 2021 to 2022 include:

  • A $2 hourly (or $4,160 annualized) raise in base salary, in alignment with requirements of California minimum wage law.
  • Revisions to the Fair & Just Compensation foundational document to make future annual updates less demanding on Conference staff and leadership.

Since it was introduced in 2017 as a newer, more comprehensive “Conference guidelines,” Fair & Just Compensation has grounded annual increases to base salary in alignment with the phased increase of California’s minimum wage law. That law reaches its full effect in 2022. Prior to Annual Gathering, the Conference will undertake a salary survey of Local Churches and Authorized Ministers in order to measure the impact of Fair & Just Compensation as well as identify appropriate areas for revision in 2023.

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