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Vote on a New Name for our Newsletter

In October, members and friends of the Northern California Nevada Conference were invited to submit possible new names for our weekly newsletter. Thank you to the 10 people who submitted proposed names for our weekly newsletter, as well as another six individuals who submitted their thoughts and reflections without a specific name.

Submissions were reviewed against the following criteria:

  • The name must be unique among Conferences in the UCC.
  • The name must also be unique among the Local Churches and Associations in NCNC-UCC.
  • The name must be accessible to all people, including those who use adaptive devices for vision or hearing.
  • In appreciation for the history of The Pacific, that name — or any derivative thereof — will not be considered.

From these standards, there are five possibilities for our new newsletter name! We’re now inviting our members and friends to vote on their top two choices. (That’s right, instant runoff voting has come to NCNC-UCC.) The name that receives the most votes will be chosen and unveiled with our first newsletter in January 2022.

Voting closes on December 10. This gives us enough time to create the new graphics and templates for the newsletter based on the new name.

Click here to vote. And read on to see the five possibilities and the ideas that generated those names.

  • The Nudge. We’re in covenant with each other and can’t “make” each other do anything, but the newsletter is full of nudges and invitations to be in relationship with each other.
  • Northern Table. A table we can all sit around and share ideas and concerns.
  • Upwellings. The ocean is a part of our geographical self-identification in NCNC and an upwelling is an ocean phenomenon. In an upwelling, winds and tides move water full of nutrients to the ocean surface to stimulate the growth of all the micro-organisms and creatures in the food chain that depend on them. I’d like to think that we (via the newsletter) move hope and ideas to the surface so they are more accessible in our Conference.
  • Conferring. A play on “Conference” because Conference news is important and worth knowing about.
  • Northern Light. Northern, related to the NCNC. Light as a symbol of our sharing of our individual and community gifts.

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