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IDKT: Bladimer Paeste

Frank McCourt (1930-2009) was an Irish-American teacher and Pulitzer Prize writer. He is attributed with the quote “Everyone has a story to share. You just have to write it.” Many of us would say that we lead a fairly mundane life. Nothing really to share. But that’s just your perspective.

How many others do we know that have stories to share? How many others within our Conference that have stories to share that would make us say “I didn’t know that?”

It is hoped that these interviews will bring us a little closer to each other as a Conference and as individuals.

The next interview in this series is with Rev. Bladimer Paeste. Rev. Paeste was the founding pastor of Faith Community Church, a Filipino-American congregation, in Oakland. He has served in the national setting as part of the UCC Nominations Committee, as well as a current Conference Council member. He is a member of Berkeley Chinese Community Church.

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