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Let’s Talk: About Black History Month

Photo of Rev. Dr. Diane Weibleby Conference Minister Diane Weible

I’m going to keep it short today because what I have to say feels obvious for those of us who wholly embrace the values of the UCC and, yet, it has become even more obvious to me that there can never be too many reminders. Sometimes the best reminder is served short and to the point.

My biggest issue with Black History Month is the word month. Why do we think that delegating the importance of black history to one month out of twelve is the way to change the dominant cultural waters we all are swimming in?

I want to invite all of us, especially my Euro-American colleagues, to join me in making every day a chance to study black history (as well as all cultures that do not benefit from white supremacy). I commit to—every day—reading at least one chapter in a book that teaches me something that the dominant culture has tried to hide from me all my life in order to perpetuate the power and control, or out of fear that if I learn the truth about what others experience, I may want to fight for change. I commit to—every day—listening to a podcast or reading a news story that pulls me out of my comfort zone and invites me to a new understanding. I commit to—every day, if possible—engaging in a conversation with other people who share my skin color in an effort to do my own work. And, if I cannot do that with someone else, I will commit to diving into my own mind and body and soul and do that work within.

I hope you will join me.


  • Janice Steele

    Rev. Diane-I completely agree but there are reasons for using “month” in my opinion. Most UCC white churches do not recognize or Integrate black history into their worship services at all-ever! Hats off to the churches that will at least do something during the month of February. It’s mind blowing to know that our churches fully embrace a season of Lent and Advent and will include June as Gay Pride Month. But Black History? Nope. One reason is simply this -out of sight out of mind. In other words if churches do not include black leadership and congregants than we should not be surprised at the lack of attention to black history during the entire year. The month of February could be a catalysts to build
    On. You gotta start someplace-February could be that for our churches. At least I can hope

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