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Let’s Talk: About a Request of Churches

Photo of Rev. Dr. Diane Weibleby Rev. Dr. Diane Weible

I have a favor to ask of the members of our Beloved NCNC Churches. You may have seen the announcement for a Coach Training event we are doing May 13-19. This training will offer participants the 63 classroom hours they need to be certified as a Level 1 coach with the International Coaching Federation. Once the classroom hours are complete, they will need to log coaching hours in order to request credentialing but the classroom hours themselves are the most intense part of the process.

A few of our NCNC Authorized Ministers have been selected to receive the training a reduced cost in exchange for them offering coaching hours to our authorized ministers and churches. We have already started thinking about how these coaches will allow us to expand our support of churches in this tender time. We want to support this training because, in the end, we hope and expect it will provide a valuable resource within our Conference as these individuals complete their training and start to give back.

And, now, on to my request.  The training May 13-19 begins in the afternoon of May 13 and goes through lunch on May 19. We meet from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. A few of the participants will be staying in the area near the church instead of returning home because of the long days so bringing their own meals will be hard. Going out for meals means longer than hoped for breaks in the schedule, which may make getting through the training modules a challenge.

The request is assistance with meals. Would your church be willing to provide either a lunch or dinner for around 15 people on one of these days? This will help participants who are also paying for lodging in addition to the actual cost of the training and make more efficient use of our time. We will include a freewill offering with each meal with the money received being returned to the church that provided the meal to help defray the cost of the meal.

We are excited about this training because of the potential it offers to give back to the  Conference. Together we can help one another strengthen our churches and support our authorized ministers in this time. If your church is able to help, please email Nicole Nunnery (

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