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Let’s Talk: About Coaching Opportunities for Authorized Ministers 

Photo of Rev. Dr. Diane Weible In May, our Conference sponsored a Coach Training where we invited our Authorized Ministers to take part in the classroom work towards a Level 1 International Coaching Federation credential.  

 We had nine participants in the training and of those nine participants, six received scholarships in exchange for giving back hours to the Conference to coach individual ministers or work with churches in group coaching work. We have been working for several years to create a coaching culture in this Conference because we believe that in any meeting of individuals (whether it’s two or twenty) the wisdom is in the room, or, in the case of an individual coaching relationship, the wisdom is inside the person being coached.  

 The job of a coach is to ask the right questions to invite the client to see what they cannot see, to move beyond limiting beliefs that are getting in the way, and to find the best answers to whatever they are working through. A coach-approach to ministry is, I believe, a way to energize individuals and groups to hear and follow the Spirit’s leading in their lives and in their faith communities.  

 Some of you may remember that when the Conference Minister staff participated in this training in 2017, we extended an invitation to the Authorized Ministers of this Conference to help us prepare for our certification with the International Coaching Federation. Many of you took us up on that offer and some of you are still in a coaching relationship with Rev. Jones and me to this day.  

 Today we announce the same opportunity for all of our Authorized Ministers to receive six free coaching sessions with one of our now-trained Coaches. You can express interest in receiving free individual coaching by completing this form.  Your responses will be submitted to me and based on your responses and your ministry setting, I will then pair you with the best coach available to meet your goals. I will check in with you to make sure there is no conflict on your end with the coach you will be paired with and then will connect the two of you to get started. After the six sessions, you will have the option to contract separately with that coach if you wish to continue. That arrangement would be separate from this program so that free coaching hours will be available for another authorized minister seeking the same kind of support.  

 If you have any questions about this program and our goal to support ALL of our authorized ministers in the best way we can, please reach out to me at 

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