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Have You Heard? Jesus Loves ALL People 

Rev. Davena Jones

Blessed Holy Week to all of you from all of us, your Conference Staff. Every day, but especially in these days and times in which we live, I thank God for Jesus.  

 I was blessed yesterday to witness people from different places on their life’s journey have their feet washed by clergy from five denominations. Young, elders, white, black, republicans, democrats, rich, poor, housed, unhoused, the haves and the have-nots, gay, trans people, and pastors like me. One moment that stood out to me the most was observing how attentive an elderly white minister, carefully and tenderly, washed the feet of an alcoholic, drug-addicted, unhoused black human being. It did not matter.  

I must state out loud that his feet and overall appearance were terrible. And yet, as Jesus did with his disciples on that Maundy Thursday, not one person was turned away from the table of love! Foot washing, anointing heads with oil, prayer, Holy Communion, hygiene bags, snacks, and water were shared with each person God called us to serve. The goal was to ensure those who dared to seek radical love from those of us present were, as Jesus intended, humanity to express love to one another. My time with this group of Ordained Ministers and others was blessed. All were served as Jesus does daily, regardless of where one might be in this life’s journey.   

On Facebook, there were pictures of Jesus washing the feet of Presidents Biden and Trump,  police officers, medical staff, a prisoner, those in the LGBTQIA+ community, a mother, a child, and others. It was a profound visual way to remind Christians and Humankind that Jesus loves ALL people. We live in times when children leave for school only to not return home due to gun violence. We live in times when the color of your skin makes a difference if you encounter law enforcement, which is a death sentence for many. Churches are being threatened with violence, their flags burned and torn, banners welcoming all people shredded into tiny pieces, and so much more.  

As we remember, Maundy Thursday is when Jesus celebrated the Passover with his disciples, washing their feet and giving them a new mandate, the commandment to love others as He loves them. Christians lift the cup of salvation, knowing that God saves in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus has washed away our sins.  

Like a good king, Jesus took responsibility for the failures of humanity. Jesus was willing to be their sacrifice, and there was no longer a curtain between the guilty and God’s mercy. Nothing blocks access to God’s presence for anyone anymore.  

Good Friday is good news because Jesus’ death announces forgiveness for all. Oh, what a world it would be if each person could forgive. Jesus’ blood pulls back the curtain of God’s grace and mercy. Glory, Hallelujah!  I pray that on this Good Friday, you would accept Jesus’ death.  

Jesus expressed the authentic human experience of abandonment and spiritual isolation that often occurs during suffering. So many are suffering through life, those in your pews and communities. Jesus reveals that we, too, can cry out to God. God hears and answers. God promises new life on the other side of whatever you face. As we remember Christ’s Suffering on the cross, we hope for his resurrection to eternal life. You, too, can face tomorrow now that God is with you.  

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