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Have You Heard? Your Conference Ministers are hanging out with the youth at Camp Tamarack!!

Rev. Davena L. Jones

High schoolers and youth leaders are heading down to Camp Tamarack youth camp in about a week. We’ll spend seven days together with bonfires, camp songs, togetherness, time to listen and share, oh, lots of sweat, and it’s hot out there.

But when we ask teens where they’ve seen God work, summer camp shows up a lot—not because of how fantastic our campsite is, but because God has used this week to change our hearts in beautiful and abundant ways. We’re praying that God does that again this year. I hope and pray that you will send your High Schoolers to camp from July 30 to August 5, 2023.

We went from Annual Gathering to General Synod. All dressed up to impress. We wore dresses, suits, clergy attire, robe, and stoles. Now I can throw on my flip-flops, hiking boots, blue jeans, shorts, sweatpants, hoodie, and blankets for chilly nights. It’s camp time! After weeks of planning the Annual Gathering and preparing for the General Synod, I am excited to worship with the youth and young adults in the great outdoors, disconnected from technology and focused on God’s Holy creation in the campers, staff, and nature.

I also look forward to hearing the stories of our campers and learning about their dreams and vision in their lives, their church, and our Conference. I am most nervous about learning the camp songs to sing loudly and confidently. Now if you know me…insects and I do not get along. I cannot wait to go on hikes with the youth, that brings me joy. As well as all the planned fun activities, and let’s not forget, roast marshmallows around the campfire.

What will top this all off is to find a fishing hole to use my pretty pink fishing rod! I am smiling sincerely!

Please send High School youth to camp, and check with your Association and Conference Staff for scholarships. I hope to see you there!

(Note: Associate Conference Minister Rev. Dr. Celestine Fields is at camp this week with the Junior and Junior High campers.)

Camp prayer
~Author Unknown~

Creator God, we praise You for the beautiful world You have made for us. Help us to enjoy its beauty and be led closer to You, oh God. Bless our camp and help us stay here safely and in peace. Bless us during this camp, guide us by Your loving hand, and always be with and protect us.
In Christ’s Name, we pray and give thanks. Amen!

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