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NCNC Chaplain’s Coaching Cohort

We heard you. The work of the chaplains in the conference is a vital ministry serving God’s people in different settings. We are in the beginning stages of planning a coaching cohort for our chaplains. The purpose of the group will be advocacy from the conference level to system-wide in the UCC, educating our conference and partners on the work of chaplaincy, vocational discernment coaching, coaching around ground level issues in your setting, collegial and conference relationships. 

Rev. Gillian Murphy-Stephans will be your facilitator. Rev. Gillian is a board-certified chaplain working in hospice and primarily hospital contexts since 2010. Gillian is a Spiritual Care and Grief Group Coach and Facilitator. She has completed the International Federation of Coaches Level 1 & 2 Trainings.

With this Coaching cohort, Gillian will strive to create a space where the full reality of each chaplain’s work life can be shared, explored and mined for meaning and celebrated within the group. As chaplains know well, when people get to tell the full story of their lives in an open, non-judgmental space with a trusted person – when they are truly heard – they are able to hear their own strength, joys and resilience. With Gillian’s help, this Coaching Cohort will provide space for each Chaplain to share their own Chaplain’s story.


  • The name of my church is not its web site name. After I entered its name, was instructed to put in its web address.

    I went to enter the information and provided the web address as and it would not accept that either. I want to be part of the chaplain cohort but am unable to register. Can you solve this problem or get back to me. Thank you.

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