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Have You Heard? Black Wealth Builders Congregation Designation Pilot Program

At the 2023 NCNC UCC Annual Gathering, the collected body passed the Black Wealth Builders Resolution. The resolution is based on a project launched by Arlington Community Church, United Church of Christ, in 2021, which provides zero-interest loans to first-time Black homebuyers for down payment assistance.

The resolution “…encourages the local churches within the conference to live out a faith-based belief in racial justice and to take intentional steps to put those beliefs into action by becoming a Black Wealth Builders congregation.” Similar to the Open and Affirming Congregation Designation, the Black Wealth Builders designation is one where the individual congregation members join together in a process of discernment.

What is a Black Wealth Builders Congregation?

A Black Wealth Builders Congregation is a local NCNC UCC congregation that:

  • Undertakes an intentional congregation-wide study to understand the history of racism in the United States, and our individual and corporate relationship to institutional racism.
  • Affirms by a congregational vote the intention to take specific action to address racism as it relates to the generational wealth gap between Black and White members of our society.
  • Creates an ongoing program in the life of the congregation, the goal of which is to assist Black families and individuals in the acquisition of a home, thereby increasing Black generational wealth.

Some options for action are:

  • Supporting the Black Wealth Builders Fund led by Arlington Community Church
  • Create your own Black Wealth Builders Fund in your geographical area
  • Support an organization that specifically assists Black families and individuals in the acquisition of a home

A committee made up of members and leadership of Arlington Community Church, Bay Association leadership, and members of the NCNC Justice and Witness Ministry are in the early planning stages of creating a pilot program for our local churches who are interested in the Black Wealth Builders Congregation designation.

Click on the link to learn what Arlington Community Church is doing with their fund to bring justice to Black homeownership and wealth building. With the support from local churches, real estate agencies, other organizations, and individuals the fund has raised over $332,000. The fund has provided 15 interest-free loans for down payments!

If you are interested in joining the pilot program, please contact, Rev. Barry Cammer at

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