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Climate Hope Summer

Giving Tuesday is November 28, 2023

The United Church of Christ cares deeply about climate justice. We know that this earth is in peril mainly because of our disregard for the health of our planet and its ecosystem. In answer to this crisis, in 2022, we made a 5-year commitment to focus our Giving Tuesday campaigns on environmental justice. Through your contributions, we will gather resources for our work to address climate issues that impact our world.

Our Projects: Climate Hope Summer and the UCC’s 2024 Earth Day Summit

Our Financial Goal: $75,000

Help us to continue our successful Climate Hope Summer: an environmental justice fellowship program for youth and young adult leaders. Participants engage in projects with UCC churches or UCC-affiliated organizations that deepen their knowledge about environmental justice. They also receive mentoring and serve their communities in unique ways. Ultimately, the fellowship program prepares these youth leaders to advance environmental justice work!

With your gift, we will invite a new cohort of youth and young adults from various communities to participate in Climate Hope Summer in 2024. Through the voices of the next generation, we can more effectively advocate for climate legislation that will meet the scale of the present crisis.

Your gift will also support UCC’s 2024 Earth Day Summit, which engages dynamic speakers in environmental justice topics, highlights successful projects, and informs attendees about effective action and advocacy.

As we get closer to November 28th, check your inbox for more information about UCC’s Giving Tuesday campaign and our passion for creation care and environmental justice.

To learn more about our outreach, visit UCC’s Environmental Justice Ministries.

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