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Where is the Conference Staff?

Your Conference staff was blessed to be able to attend two very special events this week. On Sunday, we joined the Chinese Congregational Church UCC of San Francisco for an amazing celebration of their 150th anniversary. The guest preacher was our new General Minister and President of the UCC, Rev. Dr. Karen Georgia Thompson.  Two other churches cancelled their services to attend and support Chinese Congregational: Pilgrim Community UCC of San Francisco and Chinese Community UCC of Berkeley.

The next day,  PAAM, the Pacific Islander Asian American Ministries of NCNC, sponsored a Town Hall meeting and luncheon. City of Refuge UCC in Oakland graciously offered their space and much help from their Deacons. Rev. Dr. Karen Georgia Thompson (call her Karen Georgia, that’s her first name. Please don’t call her Karen!) spoke and answered questions for a couple of hours and then we all enjoyed a meal together. We introduced Chinese almond cookies to Karen Georgia, who had never had them before.

Conference Managing Administrator MeLinda LaViene put together this slide show of photos from both days.

Back row: MeLinda LaViene, Davena Jones Front row: Joy Davis, Karen Georgia Thompson, Eppie Encabo
Davena Jones, Karen Georgia Thompson, Eppie Encabo, Roy Mosely


  • Rev Alexandra

    Wow ! What an amazing weekend NCNC has had ! And that you got a slide show together to document it all ! My only thought was the show ended tooo SOOON !! lol Thank You to all of you who put so much work into connecting our Conference with our new UCC President & General Minister in such meaningful ways !! That really mattered !!
    In the Big Love ~ Alexandra

    • Good morning, John,
      Unfortunately we have not received the photos as of yet. However we wanted to share what we have for now. Once received we will post it in the newsletter.
      Love & Light,
      MeLinda LaViene
      Conference Managing Administrator

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