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“Becoming A Black Wealth Builders Congregation” Program is Launching!

Rev. Dr. Celestine Fields

Has your congregation made a commitment to racial justice? Maybe you are not sure where to begin. How about repairing wealth inequity? The Black Wealth Builders Resolution passed at the 2023 NCNC Annual Gathering. The resolution is based on a project launched by Arlington Community Church, United Church of Christ, in 2021, which provides zero-interest loans to first-time Black homebuyers for down payment assistance.

Why choose to become a Black Wealth Builders Congregation?

According to those working around issues of wealth disparity, “… for most Americans, a home is their major source of wealth. A home appreciates over time and can be passed down to the next generation. But because of segregation, redlining, adverse (or nonexistent) mortgage terms, and loan application rejection, the Black community has been shut out from this major wealth-building tool.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the rate of Black homeownership is 44 percent, the lowest of all groups. In contrast, 74 percent of white families in the U.S. own a home. Addressing Black homeownership is a way to make long-lasting, systemic change in how Black communities can build wealth and pass it along to their heirs.”

The Black Wealth Builders Congregation Program has scheduled an information session on January 16, 2024 at 6:30pm. This meeting will precede the launch on the UCC’s Racial Justice Sunday, February 11, 2024. Scroll down to register for the information session.

For more information regarding the Black Wealth Builders Resolution, plan to attend the information session on January 16 and read the previous article on this topic.









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