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Love Demands Permanent Ceasefire Now

Dear NCNC UCC churches,

As people of faith, we pray and work for a world where all life is treated as the sacred gift that we know it is.  That is why our hearts have been breaking over the horrific violence we are witnessing in Gaza as the Israeli bombardment approaches its fourth month.  With the estimated number of Palestinians killed being over 20,000, with more than 8,000 of those deaths being children, and with the crises of starvation and disease impacting over 2 million residents of Gaza, the suffering has reached a level that demands the attention and action of all compassionate and faithful people.

We must demand an end to genocide and ethnic cleansing, now!  Together with the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, organizers, community and faith leaders, and members of faith communities from across the Bay Area, invite you and your faith community to be part of a coordinated, multi-faith effort to put our beliefs into action for a just peace and a permanent ceasefire.  Together, we are coordinating a series of prayer vigils, witnesses, walks, and public events where faith communities will raise and install “Love Demands Permanent Ceasefire Now” banners.  This coordinated effort is in response to an earlier call for solidarity from churches in the occupied territories of Bethlehem, who recently called on Christian communities to join them in their decision to cancel Christmas.  “It is not possible to celebrate or rejoice when our families and people in Gaza are being massacred and ethnically cleansed,” said Rev. Munther Isaac of the Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem.  Indeed, it is impossible for any of us, no matter our faith traditions, to turn away from the horrors being inflicted on the people of Gaza.  If we are to remain true to our values and respect our shared humanity, we must take action now!

It is time for all of us to answer the call to show up for our siblings in Palestine. Our communities must raise their voices together to call for an end to this violence. Please join faith communities and raise a banner to answer the call!  We need as many churches, synagogues, mosques, kingdom halls, temples, sanctuaries, and places of worship, prayer, or meditation as possible to participate.

If you are interested, please use this link to register.

You will be contacted with information about how to order and receive your banner, to confirm the day and time when you will be raising it and to provide any other support you may need.  Once we know when you will be raising your banner, we will share that information with other faith communities so that we can support each other by attending each other’s events.

Please post any photos, videos, or other documentation of your event on social media and share using the hashtags:.




We want to be able to support each other and share our work with each other as well as share it with faith communities in Palestine and all over the world.

We are looking forward to working in solidarity with you and your faith community to ensure that there is a just peace and a permanent ceasefire.


In Solidarity,

Kathryn Gilje
Member, First Congregational Church of Oakland UCC

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