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Black Wealth Builder Update

Jeanne Strauss

By Jeanne Strauss, Bay Association Moderator

Representatives from at least 14 churches attended the BWB Information Session on January 16, where we shared ideas and plans for implementation of the Black Wealth Builders Resolution. If you were among the attendees, you may receive a follow-up phone call from Rev Barry Cammer (925-352-7101). Whether or not you were there, please feel free to reach out to Barry for more information.

The process for becoming a BWB Congregation is explained in this document. In short, the primary requirements are:

·  Undertaking church-wide study and education on systemic racism in our country and its ongoing economic and social effects on Black families today.

·  Providing regular opportunities to deepen understanding of these issues, developing anti-racist practices on both individual and systemic levels.

·  Taking action to reduce the economic impact of racism by fundraising toward mortgage assistance for first-time Black homebuyers.

·  Holding a Congregational vote on becoming a BWB Congregation, committing to continuing this work going forward.

The above is a very simplified version, and it may be modified as we work together to implement this valuable program.

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