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Annual Gathering Keynote Speaker Rev. Casey Tinnin

Rev. Casey Tinnin

Pastor Casey has served as a UCC Minister for 9 years, 7 as pastor of Loomis UCC. He is an outspoken pastor and prophet in conservative Placer County. He is the cohost of Irenicast, a podcast for recovering evangelicals and ex-fundamentalists, and the host of The Queerly Faithful Podcast. 7 years ago he and his church founded The Landing Spot which is a peer support group for LGBTQ youth and their adult caregivers. Last year Pastor Casey and his church were attacked by local conservative mega churches and Project Veritas (a right wing fake news organization).

In this moment where so many people are walking away from church discouraged Loomis UCC has exponentially grown over the past seven years. Loomis UCC has been a beacon of hope, resilience, and justice in a community that leans politically conservative. Loomis UCC has created The Landing Spot, and co-created with other local UCC Colleagues Intersections (a support group for recovering evangelicals, and ex-fundamentalists). Through community partners, reaching out to marginalized groups in the community, and a passion for justice and faith Loomis UCC has become well known in the community. Loomis UCC will be 130 years old next year, and it is through adaptive leadership, a willingness to do hard things, and a desire to do justice that this church still exists.

Many people feel NCNC would benefit from hearing from a Pastor who is still very passionate about our denomination. The UCC is needed more than ever, and people will come away feeling inspired and encouraged to live out a prophetic call in their communities.


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