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Camp Tamarack Volunteers Needed

Come to Camp Tamarack and make a difference

Kymberly Lindsey doesn’t commit to one week at camp; she commits to all three weeks as Camp Chef.

God’s grace is laid before us to honor, love and praise
The mountains, trees, the birds, the bees
All play their parts…come see
The shining faces of children, muddied by dirt and sweat
The small stuff tomorrow,
Today please commit
To open air and laughter, to sunshine, fun and prayer.
Commit to our future leaders, to their spirit, they are our heirs
To the promise of progressive faith, bold and proud
We stand together, so let us all lend, not just our voices, but our hands.
K. S. Lindsey

Camp Tamarack Needs You

We all know what wonderful memories can be had from camp experiences. The joy of camp is tangible. Every child should have the opportunity to find their spiritual connection and forever friends at our own Camp Tamarack.

What if camp didn’t happen? We need people to step up to the plate and commit themselves to ensuring there is camp. We need people to say yes to one volunteer week as counselors or directors or health supervisors. In particular, Junior camp and Junior High camp are in need of counselors and health supervisors.

We can make such an important contribution in the lives of so many others, by touching the lives of the children we serve. For the kids, these memories will carry forward throughout their lives.

So please consider a yes to the kids and to the camp. Those of you that have said yes, thank you. Please contact Jeannie Hobson: 559-903-4542 for more information.

Camp dates are: · Senior High (grades 10-12) July 14-20 · Junior High (grades 7-9) July 21-27 · Junior Camp (grades 4-6) July 28-August 3

Please consider assisting in the opening of camp. Wade Hobson, Camp Facilities Director, will be opening camp the week after Annual Gathering, June 10th with all camp facility set up to be completed by June 25th. These will be long days, filled with activity and laughter and the reward of spending a few hours in the wondrous surroundings near Shaver Lake.

Contact Wade for more information: 559-970-9830


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