Annual Gathering 2020

♦ Materials for Annual Gathering, October 24, 2020, will be posted here as they become available:

Reports, Order of Worship, and video greetings from Ecumenical Partners can be accessed through Guidebook.

♦ Annual Gathering Discernment Sessions

Discernment Sessions for Annual Gathering will be held on three different dates in August and September. We will record these sessions and the recordings will be available on our website the Monday following each session.

Dates and topic for each Discernment Session are as follows:

  • August 8:  Sonoma Land Trust. We have entered into a conversation with Sonoma Land Trust to consider a perpetual lease for Camp Cazadero (or part of the camp property) that will both protect the land and provide resources to the Conference.
      • Click HERE for details on the offer that was discussed.
      • Click HERE for notes from the August 8 discernment session (Our apologies that the recording is not available.
  • August 29:  Budgets & Camp Revisioning, 10-1 p.m. Details including Budget Scenarios for review can be found HERE.  Click HERE to view the recording.



♦ Information on A Kairos Call to Action
There will not be a discernment session for this because it is in response to a Resolution already approved by Annual Gathering. It will, however, be brought to Annual Gathering as a Call to Action

At last year’s 2019 Annual Gathering, we supported, endorsed, and voted on an Emergency Resolution of Witness Let Justice Roll Down – Declaring Support to New Green Deal and Affirming the Intersectionality of Climate Justice with all Justice Issues.

Since 1959, every General Synod included resolutions with concerns for preserving the integrity of God’s creation, the protection of the environment, and climate change. Surely addressing climate change is the center of the New Green Deal. (It recognizes the dangers of global warming thus brings to us our biblical mandate as stewards of the earth. It is a moral responsibility. It calls to consider ways to raise awareness of the spiritual dimensions of the environmental crisis, calls for the development of programs to heal the earth, calls for an end to economic exploitation, and the creation of a sustainable environment that balances full human development with the protection of our ecosystem.) That was 61 years ago. We can do much better.

What we bring to you on October 24, 2020, at our Annual Gathering is an endorsement of A Kairos Call to Action ( We are done with the Resolution ( and the urgency for intentional action is NOW. It is time to plan how to implement what we have supported and endorsed. We are to implement ways to mobilize that work for our churches. Here are suggestions: ttps://

With gratitude to the Rev. Jeff Spencer, Senior Pastor of Niles Discovery UCC, Fremont, whose church endorsed this Action and brought it to the Conference Council.

♦ What Is Annual Gathering and Why Does it Matter?
In the covenantal polity of the United Church of Christ, sole vested authority in all of our settings is the annual meeting of that expression. One of the ways we describe our free association with one another is like wider circles, as opposed to authoritative hierarchy.

Within the Northern California Nevada Conference, we come together in a spectacular celebration of our shared ministry each year in the Annual Gathering. Together we speak prophetically as an assembled, united voice; we support and nurture one another in our varied ministries; and we discern the Holy Spirit’s movement in our midst.

The Annual Gathering speaks to, not for local churches and ministries. Its decisions are binding at the Conference setting only — each Authorized Minister and local church engages their covenantal responsibility by interpreting and implementing actions by the Annual Gathering with the highest respect in light of their own convictions and local ministry understandings.

But for many people, even more than the primary function of gathering for business and decision-making, Annual Gathering is a time of community-building, learning, worship, and celebration. No matter who you are or where you are in your journey with the United Church of Christ — you are most encouraged at Annual Gathering!

Local Church Representatives:
Each local church (full-member and in-care) is allowed voting delegates at the business sessions of the Annual Meeting based on church membership as reported in the current UCC Yearbook:

 Number of Members                Number of Delegates
 250 or less                                             3
251 to 350                                              4
351 to 450                                              5
more than 450                                      6

Delegates may be church members of any age, including youth.  At least one of the delegates must be a youth or young adult [age 13-30].

Any authorized minister (ordained, commissioned, or licensed) who has standing in the Northern California Nevada Conference is a voting member when present at Annual Meeting.

At its meeting on Saturday, June 13, Conference Council approved the updated standing rules for the October 24 Annual Gathering Business Meeting. Click HERE to view.