Learning & Workshops

One component of every Annual Gathering is the opportunity for learning and development. The 2022 theme, Learn. Love. Act., is an invitation to dig deeper into complex intersections where racism and oppression systematically marginalize people and groups, and to make personal commitments to work for justice in response to the Gospel message.


Workshops are structured, formal learning opportunities with an established curriculum and goals developed by a presenter/facilitator. They focus on a singular topic, are titled, and must be proposed in advance. Workshop proposals must include:

  • Title of the workshop
  • Biography of presenter(s)/facilitator(s) and headshot(s) (.jpg or .png formats only)
  • Description of the workshop for use in publication
  • Specific goals/objectives of the workshop (what will participants take away?)
  • How the workshop aligns with the Annual Gathering theme of Learn. Love. Act.

Workshop proposals are due no later than April 30, 2022 and the list of workshops will be published no later than May 15, 2022. Submit workshop proposals through this form. Workshop proposals are not guaranteed. You will be notified if your workshop is accepted or declined the first week of May.

NOTE for 2022: Workshops will be provided in physical, hybrid, and digital form. You will need to indicate your openness to a physical, hybrid, or digital format. In a physical format, workshops will only be on-site at Sonoma State. In a hybrid format, workshops will link Sonoma State with groups in the Zoom Rooms. In a digital format, workshops will only be conducted through a digital meeting platform, and participants may join from their own device (even if they are on-site at Sonoma State or a Zoom Room).

Q&A for Workshop Proposals

The schedule and venues have not been finalized. Multiple workshops will be available so that participants will have a choice in developing their own learning path.
No compensation is available, and workshop leader(s) are responsible for their own AG registration.
You will be provided a space for your workshop. The room will usually be setup in classroom style, with chairs at tables facing forward. You will be responsible for all materials, including bringing your own laptop if you need to use it.
You will not be responsible to set up your own virtual meeting space. You will receive instruction and support on setting up the meeting link about two weeks before Annual Gathering.

Open Space

Open Space is an unstructured, informal gathering opportunity for those who wish to self-organize exploration of a specific goal or objective in light of their Annual Gathering experience or pre-existing passion. Open Space opportunities are shared by writing your proposal on poster paper provided along the back wall of the Ballroom (Plenary Hall). Open Space time is conducted within shared, public venues: the Ballroom, Student Center main lobby (“pit area”), or outdoors. There are no limits to the number of Open Space sessions that can be accommodated. There is no need for prior proposal; show up to Sonoma State and generate your announcement on the poster paper.

NOTE for 2022: We intend to provide separate Open Space opportunities both on-site at Sonoma State and at the Zoom Rooms. No hybrid or digital options will be provided due to our digital meeting and staffing capacity.


We look forward to announcing our keynote speaker in the future!