Ministry Covenant Request

Local Churches and Authorized Ministers who seek to enter into a 3-Way (church + minister + association) or 4-Way (church + minister + other agency/organization + association) Covenant for professional ministry submit their request for electronic signature through this page.

The process is as follows:

  1. Local Church and Authorized Minister prepare the 3-Way or 4-Way Covenant according to the appropriate template. (The links on the type of covenant take you to the current, appropriate template for NCNC-UCC.)
  2. The Authorized Minister completes this form below, selecting the appropriate Local Church, Association, and provides contact details for the Moderator/President and, if applicable, the appropriate representative for the calling body/employer. Please note: an email address is required for all signatories. It is not possible to complete this process without Internet access.
  3. The Associate Conference Minister will prepare an electronic signature request within one week. It will arrive from “[Name of ACM] via Conga Sign.” If you do not see it in your inbox or your spam/junk mail folder within one week, please reach out directly to your ACM.
  4. Signatories will receive requests in this order:
    1. minister, then
    2. Church Moderator/President once the minister has signed, then
    3. Calling body/employer representative once both the minister and church Moderator/President has signed, if applicable, then
    4. Association Moderator
  5. Association Moderators are advised to not submit their signature until all Association processes are complete. If the Association requires a credentials committee, executive board review, or vote of the entire Association to enter into ecclesial covenants, the Moderator does not have the authority to submit their signature until those processes are complete. For your convenience, a reminder email will automatically be sent to all individuals who have not yet signed every 30 days until the signature process is complete. All signature requests are attached to the email address, not a specific time or message, so you can click on the signature button of any message even if reminders have been sent.
  6. Once the Association Moderator has signed, this signals the Association process is complete, and the Covenant will be released to the Conference Minister for their signature and filing in the minister’s file. A completed copy of the Covenant is distributed to all of the signatories for recordkeeping.

By using this digital workflow, churches, ministers, and Associations don’t have to worry about finding time to meet in the same place or shuffling around papers between locations. In addition to the time efficiency, digital workflows save the Conference at least $55 in operational costs over paper-based workflows in 2020! Digital workflows are now the normative practice in the NCNC-UCC, with paper workflows an alternative backup in instances of true necessity.