Holy Week Resource Bank

This page contains resources from clergy throughout our Conference with permission for you to use them as best works for your congregation or your personal worship experience. This page will be updated as new resources become available so bookmark it and check back often.

Holy Week 2020 will look very different from other years and different is just that–different. Our hope is that by bringing our collective resources to the table we can support one another through this challenging time and be inspired by what is different.

If you have questions or want to share your own resource, please email the NCNC office.

General Holy Week Resources

Palm Sunday (April 5)

Maundy Thursday (April 9)

“Friends, a Eucharistic prayer has three main parts: First we thank God for God’s saving actions throughout history, including the gift of Jesus. Second, we remember Jesus by retelling the story of the last supper. Third, we invite the Spirit to bless us as we continue Jesus’ ministry in the world. We will use that same Trinitarian structure for our prayer tonight. First, I’ll ask you to call out, into our circle, the things you are most grateful to God for. Next, I’ll ask you to call out a word or short phrase that will help us call to mind something that Jesus did or said that touched you deeply. Finally, let us invite the Spirit, and ask her to bless us for whatever you most need in this next week. Are we ready? "Peace be with you." "And also with you.” "Life up your hearts." "We lift them to heaven.” "Let us give thanks to the Holy One." "It is right to give thanks and praise.” "Let us now name into our circle the things we are most grateful to God for… (People call out various things). "And we are also grateful for the great gift of your Son Jesus, our light and our life. Let us know call out a word or short phrase that will help us connect to something that Jesus did or said, something that touched you deeply... (People call out various things Jesus did or said.) “Therefore we proclaim the mystery of our faith: “Jesus has died.” “Jesus has died.” “Jesus is risen!” “Jesus is risen!” “Jesus is coming again!” “Jesus is coming again!” “Let us now call on the Holy Spirit to descend upon us and to bless us for the things we need to face this next week…” (People call out things they need to be blessed with: patience, kindness, forbearance, strength, and some more specific blessings as well…) During this time I am writing down the things that people are requesting blessings for, so that I can insert them into the following prayer at the ellipses. “Let us pray: Holy Spirit, you are in all places, in all peoples, at all times. We open ourselves to your quickening power. We ask you to bless us with… (patience, kindness, forbearance, strength, etc.) Send us forth now with power, to be a blessing to all people, whether that is online or in person. Help us to be creative as God is creative, loving as Jesus is loving, comforting as you are comforting. For we ask this in the name of Jesus, who lives and reigns with you and the Creator, one God, now and forever. Amen. [On Maundy Thursday, we’ll ask people to bring their own bread and wine (or grape juice, or whatever is on hand) to the liturgy, and we’ll do a mutual consecration of all the assembled elements virtually. We’ll see how that goes, and if it goes well, we may use that on Easter.] (Thanks to Rev. John Mabry for this resource)

Good Friday (April 10)

Rev. Rachel Knuth, Associate Minister of Congregational Care at Community Church of Sebastapol, shares the Good Friday story in the cemetery, with music (by Rev. Curran Reichert) and moments for contemplation. Appropriate for people of all ages.
Niles Discovery Church created these Facebook Live Posts last year and is sharing them as a resource for this year. Since each video includes an invitation to come worship at Niles Discovery, t is recommended that if you choose to post these for your congregation that you include an introduction such as: "Throughout the day, we will be posting these brief (about 8 minutes long) meditations on the last words of Jesus. They were recorded by the Pastors of Niles Discovery Church last year as they went Facebook Live."      
Dramatic Retelling of Jesus Last Day (The Skit Guys, like to purchase license)

Easter Sunday (April 12)

Here is a link to the recipe. (Suggestion: video tape yourself making the rolls and talking about the meaning of the steps and invite the kids to make to make them at home.) "While creating these, I talk about how the marshmallow represents the sweetness of Jesus and his love for all people.  When rolling the marshmallow in butter and then cinnamon sugar, I talk about how the women prepared Jesus' body for burial.  Sealing the dough around the marshmallow represents sealing him in the tomb.  After the rolls are baked, they will be (should be) hollow like the empty tomb." (Thanks to Rev. Melanie Weiner for the resource)
Link to Empty Tomb Cookies with story and Bible verses. (Suggestion: video tape yourself making these rolls with the meaning of each step explained and invite your children to make them at home.) (Thanks to Rev. Melanie Weiner for the resource)