Excellence in Leadership

Leaders in the Northern California Nevada Conference are entrusted with a sacred responsibility. Regardless of the office to which they are elected or appointed, they have been called into a particular covenant on behalf of the churches that make up our Conference body.

This Conference rightfully expects excellence in leadership, though it does not seek to claim perfection. Across our sacred story, God calls and equips imperfect people to co-create with God a more perfect creation. Leaders in our Conference are recognized women, men, and others who hold particular skills, experiences, and passions within their Local Church that can discern and champion this divine invitation for us in our time.

In the United Church of Christ, we locate the call to leadership in the church in the waters of baptism, the foundational moment where God through the Holy Spirit calls and equips each disciple in Christian faith. Often referenced as the ‘priesthood of all believers,’ leadership is an extension of discipleship and the responsibility of all the baptized. While one of the most public expressions of leadership is the ordained minister of word and sacrament, our tradition best understands the office of pastor and teacher simply as a particular type of leadership empowered and equipped by baptism.

To inform practices of leadership recruitment, evaluation, selection, and formation, the Manual on Leadership was created. During the implementation year of 2021, its policies and procedures will be applied to selected committees and teams, with full implementation for all Conference leadership positions beginning in 2022.

Individuals who have been identified for potential nomination or appointment will be directed to the appropriate resource on this page by a member of the Committee for Recruitment of Conference Leaders (CRCL). Some important details:

  • In order to be nominated or appointed to a Conference leadership position, an individual must first be a member of a Local Church within NCNC-UCC. A validation of their membership will be provided by their church.
  • Their pastor must affirm their potential for leadership.
  • Every leader must complete a Background Disclosure Statement prior to nomination, and complete a criminal records background check prior to beginning service.