Ministers Portal

The Ministers Portal is a one-stop page for our Authorized Ministers to complete many of their covenant tasks online. If you need assistance with the Ministers Portal please email

Authorized Ministers preparing to meet with Section B of the Committee on Ministry (COM-B) are requested to complete the appropriate Review of Ministry at least two weeks prior to their appointment. Select the appropriate Review of Ministry to your vocational status.
Note: only Authorized Ministers with Standing in the NCNC-UCC can request Exempt Standing in this Conference, regardless of whether they currently live within our geography. An Authorized Minister desiring Exempt Standing whose Standing is held in another Association/Conference must first complete a Transfer of Standing to NCNC-UCC or seek Exempt Standing with the Committee on Ministry of the Association/Conference that holds their Standing. Neither the NCNC-UCC COM nor Conference Ministers are empowered to make exceptions to this rule in the covenantal order of the United Church of Christ according to its bylaws and the Manual on Ministry.
  • The following changes in standing begin by contacting the Committee on Ministry Section B. You may send an email to
  • Voluntary Resignation of Ministerial StandingNote: if a Fitness Review process or Program of Growth is pending or currently underway, a Resignation of Standing will be noted "with bias" in the Data Hub of the United Church of Christ. When a bias notation is included on your record, you cannot subsequently apply for Standing without satisfactorily completing the Fitness Review process or Program of Growth, regardless of how much time has elapsed. You also are prohibited from seeking local licensure, Lay Ministerial Standing, or Member in Discernment status in any other Association or Conference.
  • Restoration of Full Ministerial Standing (Suspension for Lifelong Learning Non-Compliance)
  • Reinstatement of Ministerial Standing (Previous Voluntary Resignation)
  • Reinstatement of Ministerial Standing (Previous Termination)
UCC Authorized Ministers seeking to transfer their Ministerial Standing to the NCNC-UCC must complete an application and schedule an appointment with Section B of the Committee on Ministry. Transfer requests cannot be accepted until the Authorized Minister holds membership in a Local Church in the NCNC-UCC; Standing eligibility in the United Church of Christ is determined by the Local Church membership of the Authorized Minister, not their residence address or ministry setting alone. Authorized Ministers are encouraged to make application for Transfer of Standing soon after their arrival in NCNC-UCC, as it can take several months to schedule an appointment with COM-B. Appointments are not scheduled until all required supporting material has been submitted (including validation of current, good Standing and Local Church membership). Standing is held in the Conference on behalf of the six Associations, with one Conference-wide COM providing support and oversight for roughly 400 Authorized Ministers. Those clergy accustomed to the practices of smaller Association COMs are sometimes taken by surprise at our timelines and processes as a result. We want to warmly welcome you and appropriately meet your expectations; we're not impersonal. Be assured we are working with appropriate diligence and as efficiently as we can.
  • Requesting Transfer of Standing (UCC Authorized Ministers with Full Ordained Ministerial Standing)
  • Requesting Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing (Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Canada clergy in good standing)
  • Requesting Dual Standing (Clergy in good standing with any other recognized denomination than UCC, DOC, or UC-Canada)