2019 Strategic Visioning

In spring 2019, members of the Conference Council and key stakeholders from the multiple Sections of the Committee on Ministry, Justice & Witness Ministries, and other leaders from across the Northern California Nevada Conference, came together for an overnight retreat in order to lay the groundwork for an updated strategic vision for the Conference in the coming three years.

Utilizing our mission statement as a guide, we created three trees of our shared ministry: Supporting Leaders, Uniting for Justice, Nurturing Local Churches. Within those trees we identified the programs, processes, resources, and stakeholders that enable that work in specific priority areas for the next three years.

Supporting Leaders

  1. Healthy & Relevant Ministers & Churches
  2. Training, Orientation, & Preparation for Lay Leaders

Uniting for Justice

  1. Venues for Difficult Conversations

Nurturing Local Churches

  1. Greater Connectivity & Communication
  2. Equip Local Churches to be the Hands and Feet of Christ in Communities
  3. Greater Understanding of UCC Covenant
  4. Partnerships & Resource Sharing

In the second half of 2019, two working groups will convene to further refine the vision and establish action plans to guide the period from 2020-2023:

The Evaluation Working Group will design meaningful metrics and key performance indicators that will demonstrate whether our work is progressing us further into or away from our core mission.

The Programs Working Group will evaluate all existing Conference ministries and programs against the priorities of our core mission and our current capacity in order to fully engage in areas where the Holy Spirit is prompting our attention while laying down other ministries and programs which do not align with our goals in this current season.