Our Commitment to Donors

Thank you! When you choose to make a financial donation to the Northern California Nevada Conference, we recognize you are not just responding to an impulse to give money — you are also trusting us to use your donation properly. It’s a trust we don’t take lightly, and one which our staff and leaders regularly bring to the forefront of our work together.

As a Conference of the United Church of Christ, we are both recipient of gifts and intermediaries with other Settings of our denomination. We believe that donors who choose to support one Setting are, at least tangentially, supporting the other Settings connected by our Covenant. In addition, we are committed to the highest ethical standards both of our denomination and of institutional philanthropy within and outside our sector.

We voluntarily ascribe to the ALDE Code of Ethics in our philanthropic efforts. We are informed by both the AFP Donor Bill of Rights and the Principles of the eDonor Bill of Rights.

Unless directed otherwise by that donor, we disclose the name of any donor who contributes more than $1,000 per year in total giving to the Conference to the pastor of their Local Church.

Unless directed otherwise by that donor, individual donors are named on the Honor Roll of Donors without disclosing any donation amount details in the annual Giving Report of the Conference produced in the first quarter of each year as a summary of the previous year. Monthly Partners are identified in a distinct section of the Honor Roll. Special campaign donors are recognized in the report as applicable.

We do not routinely share our donor list with other Settings or covenantal partners in the United Church of Christ. Quarterly reports of all donor activity, including names and amounts, are reviewed by the Conference Minister, Associate Conference Minister for Philanthropy & Advancement, Conference Administrator, Conference Council Executive Committee, and Philanthropy Committee.

Our Associate Conference Minister for Philanthropy & Advancement is a member of ALDE, the professional association of fundraisers for Christian organizations, and regularly participates in ongoing professional education.