Section A: Discernment & Initial Authorization

This page is full of resources for persons pursuing or connected to Ordination & Ministerial Authorization processes. Where do you begin in exploring a call to Authorized Ministry in the UCC? View the full Manual on Ministry here.

All Members in Discernment preparing for an ID Renewal, Ordination, or ministers with Privilege of Call, Dual Standing, or Ordained Ministerial Partnership Standing Meeting must send all the materials for the files before they will be scheduled for an appointment.

At your meeting you and the committee will have shared time of prayer, conversation, and discernment about your call to authorized ministry with you and your accompanying guests. Appointments last up to an hour. Section A supervises the process for all Members in Discernment, including requests for Lay Ministerial Standing, as well as Dual Standing, Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing, or Privilege of Call. Please note: Section B now handles Transfers of Standing for clergy from other Associations/Conferences in the United Church of Christ.

All appointments with Section A take place via Zoom.

Documents for Persons Beginning the In Discernment Process or meeting for an In Discernment Renewal click here

Note: Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing (OMPS) is only for active, ordained clergy in good standing in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Canada. Eligibility for OMPS is extended to all such ministers, however active OMPS is conferred only for the duration of ministry specifically in a member setting of the UCC. Any other clergyperson without Standing in the UCC should refer to Dual Standing or Privilege of Call.
Dual Standing is for those active clergypersons ordained and authorized in good standing by another Christian denomination, who are serving in a local church of the NCNC-UCC and wish to retain their standing in their home denomination. This includes Formula of Agreement partners with mutual recognition and orderly exchange, including the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the Reformed Church in America. Ordained clergy of other denominations may be considered for Dual Standing, Privilege of Call, a local license, or Member in Discernment as most appropriate.
Privilege of Call is for ordained ministers, active and in good standing with another Christian denomination, who wish to join the United Church of Christ with ordained ministerial standing. Individuals who receive a Privilege of Call in the United Church of Christ, upon receiving a valid call, will relinquish their credentials in the original denomination and "transfer" to the United Church of Christ.
The Manual on Ministry of the United Church of Christ requires that all individuals who lose Standing must return to the Committee on Ministry that held Standing at the time of loss to request reinstatement. If Standing was Terminated as a result of a Fitness Review, individuals must seek reinstatement from Section E.