Section B: Ministerial Oversight & Support

All Authorized Ministers in the Northern California Nevada Conference hold Standing in the Conference rather than in one of the six Associations. Those whose Standing is held in this Conference are accountable to the Committee on Ministry for oversight and support through Section B.

Unless otherwise noted, all appointments with Section B take place virtually via Zoom for the foreseeable future.

As outlined in the Manual on Ministry, Authorized Ministers minister in and on behalf of the United Church of Christ and hold Standing as a covenantal expression of accountability. It is the Authorized Minister’s responsibility to participate in the ministry of oversight and support through the Committee on Ministry. It is always the intent of both Section B and Conference Staff to be helpful resource partners; Authorized Ministers should demonstrate responsibility to their Standing requirements by paying attention to dates, deadlines, and other pertinent details of their ongoing authorization for ministry and not solely relying on Section B or Conference Staff to inform them of non-compliance.

Ministers Portal: Beginning February 1, 2021, all materials must be submitted through the Ministers Portal. This single stop includes all of the necessary forms for Authorized Ministers in this Conference to maintain their Standing. Click HERE to be taken to the Ministers Portal.

Life Long Learning

All Authorized Ministers in NCNC are required to follow the Life Long Learning requirements. It is the minister’s responsibility to maintain their own standing although COM B will support the minister where ever possible in meeting these requirements. Details about these requirements can be found HERE. Click HERE to report Lifelong Learning on Ministers Portal.

Annual Information Review

Annually, each Authorized Minister with Standing in this Conference is responsible to complete the Annual Information Review. This ensures that the Conference Registrar has an accurate accounting of the professional status and employment of Authorized Ministers and contact information. Additionally, this is helpful for Section B to proactively schedule Periodic Vocational Support.