Clergy who have moved or been called to the Northern California Nevada Conference and who need to complete a Transfer of Ministerial Standing (TOS) can do so through several steps.

  1. Contact Elane at the Conference House to alert her of your intent to TOS in to our Conference. Click here to email or phone (510) 247-8990.
  2. Complete the documents below. All your materials must be sent in in order to schedule an appointment with Committee on Ministry, Section B (COM-B).
  3. COM-B will make an appointment with you. Usually this will be at a regular monthly meeting (third Friday of most months), however circumstances may dictate a different meeting venue or time. In finalizing your appointment, these details will be agreed-upon between you and the COM-B scheduler.
  4. Once COM-B approves your TOS, your Standing is transferred. If you have received a call to a ministry setting in this Conference, your TOS will be communicated to your Association and you may then proceed with them scheduling your Installation.

New! As of July 6, 2020, please utilize this form to complete your Transfer of Standing request. You may review the additional documents and resources in the list below as you assemble your materials. Using the online form will begin an automatic, all-electronic workflow. Please have contact details for your local church pastor or membership secretary (if you are the pastor), a Conference staff person or the chair of the Committee on Ministry of your current Association/Conference, and PDF documentation of your mandated reporter and boundary training requirements, as well as your call agreement or employment agreement (if applicable). All of these documents will be uploaded to the form. Your pastor or membership secretary, as well as current Conference/Association, will be automatically requested to validate your local church membership and good ministerial standing. Once those validations are complete, you will be scheduled for your Transfer of Ministerial Standing appointment.

Documents and Resources for Transfer of Ministerial Standing

Once your appointment is set, and your file is completed, you will meet with Section B of the Committee on Ministry so that they can connect with you and help you integrate into the Conference. Appointments last about an hour and usually meet on the third Friday of most months at Hillcrest Congregational Church, UCC.

When your transfer is complete, your Association will be notified that they may proceed with scheduling an Installation for you, if you are entering into a 3-Way Covenant.

Clergy entering the Conference through transfer of standing must complete the boundary training portion of the requirement within one year of their transfer, and will be required to subsequently complete these requirements on a three year cycle.