All Conference Worship (October 11, 2020)

For October 11, 2020, a special virtual All Conference Worship is being made available for our Local Churches to utilize in order to give worship leaders a break during this extended time of social distancing. Including people from across our Conference, the worship service is a standalone service ready to use, prerecorded and with all of the elements ready for communal engagement.

We recognize that not all of our churches may use this worship on October 11. In order to permit churches which may be planning on using the worship materials on a different date to do so with “fresh eyes,” we will not make the service publicly available until after November 1. Prior to that time, churches which desire to use the worship service should complete the form below with contact details. Conference staff will send you two links: one to download the full HD video file to your own computer, suitable for “livestreaming” as a screen share within Zoom or other videoconferencing software, and one to a private YouTube link suitable for sharing with your congregation if you do not come together in real-time on Zoom. Please, do not post the link or video on your church’s social media. Again, our intent is not to be secretive — simply to balance the many different worship schedules and planning processes among our Conference churches!

After November 1, as we have done with prior sermons produced by our Conference ministers, we will make the YouTube link available publicly within our NCNC-UCC YouTube channel.