Associations in the United Church of Christ are geographical parts of Conferences that include all of the Local Churches and Authorized Ministers within a particular area. The Standing of Local Churches as members of the United Church of Christ is overseen by Associations.

While normally Associations also hold the Standing of Authorized Ministers, in the Northern California Nevada Conference, all of our Associations have delegated this responsibility to the Conference through its Committee on Ministry, working on behalf of the Associations. Associations, however, retain the authority for ordination and installation following recommendation of the appropriate Section of COM. We call this unique arrangement the “hybrid,” and it is not presently replicated in this same way anywhere else in our denomination.

One of our Associations has further delegated all of its functions to the Conference, so in the geographic area of the Mountain Valley Association and its constituent Local Churches and Authorized Ministers, the Conference Acts as Association for all matters delegated to Associations in the Constitution & Bylaws of the United Church of Christ.

Association NameLink to BylawsModeratorConference Staff
BayBylawsSophia JacksonRev. Davena Jones
Golden GateBylawsDcn. Theron JonesRev. Daniel Ross-Jones
Mountain ValleyConference Acts as AssociationRev. Davena Jones
Sacramento ValleyConference Acts as AssociationRev. Davena Jones
Santa ClaraRev. Matt Broadbent (acting)Rev. Daniel Ross-Jones
SequoiaRev. Akiko Miyake-StonerRev. Daniel Ross-Jones