Conference Staff

Our Conference is led by a staff of three full-time professionals and one part-time, called together in Christ to support, unite, and nurture the local churches and ministries, authorized ministers, and friends of the Northern California Nevada Conference.

Diane Weible
Conference Minister

Our goal should always be living like Acts 2

We need each other.

Happy dance time when the St. Louis Cardinals play!

Davena Jones
Associate Conference Minister

Loves fishing.

Favorite work snack is potato chips.

Blasts gospel music while cruising down the highway to visit your church.

Daniel Ross-Jones
Associate Conference Minister

Favorite prophet is Jonah.

ENTJ & Enneagram 6.

Knows where every independent coffee shop is within a given 30 mile radius.

Carol Barriger
Part-Time COM Administrative Assistant

Loves preaching and Stanford women's basketball!