Council, Boards & Committees

Conference Council: The Conference Council serves as the Annual Gathering ad interim and is responsible for the governance and policy of the Northern California Nevada Conference. It is composed of the Conference Officers, representatives from each Association, and at-large members (including youth/young adult members). The Conference Minister is an ex officio member of the Council with voice but no vote. From within itself it annually elects a President and Vice President.

Committee on Ministry: In our covenantal polity, and under the requirements of the Manual on Ministry and our Conference’s Manual on Ministry, Supplements & Appendices (MOMSA), the Committee on Ministry is charged with responsibility for the authorization, support, and accountability of ministers with standing and local churches. An unusual structure exists in this Conference, unlike most others, where the Associations have covenanted the COM responsibility to the Conference and one single Conference COM exists in five sections. Ministerial standing is held in the Conference, while Associations are responsible for ecclesiastical councils and installations.

Committee on Ministry, Section A (Authorization for Ministry)

Committee on Ministry, Section B (Authorized Ministerial Support)

Committee on Ministry, Section C (Local Churches In Care)

Committee on Ministry, Section D (Local Churches Support)

Committee on Ministry, Section E (Ministerial Fitness Review)

Youth & Outdoor Ministries Committee

Committee on the Recruitment of Conference Leadership

Annual Gathering Business Committee

Conference Inclusion Task Force