Conference Council

The Conference Council serves as the Annual Gathering ad interim (between meetings of the Annual Gathering) and is responsible for the governance and policy of the Northern California Nevada Conference. It is composed of the Conference Officers, representatives from each Association, and at-large members (including youth/young adult members). The Conference Minister is an ex officio member of the Council with voice but no vote. From within itself it annually elects a President and Vice President.

2022-2023 Conference Council Roster

Rev. Eileen AltmanSanta Clara AssociationClass of 2026 (First Congregational; Palo Alto)
Rev. Raygan BakerConference ModeratorClass of 2023 (First Congregational; Fresno)
Richard BrabhamAt LargeClass of 2023 (First Congregational; Berkeley)
Teipo BrownBay AssociationClass of 2026
Rev. Mariah CallisonAt LargeClass of 2026 (Danville Congregational UCC, Danville)
Barbara CollianderSequoia AssociationClass of 2025 (Grace Community; North Fork)
Rev. Sophia DeWittAt Large, Mountain Valley AssociationClass of 2024 (First Congregational UCC, Alameda)
Miko ElliottAl Large, Under age 30Class of 2025 (United Japanese Christian Church, Clovis)
Eppie EncaboBay AssociationCouncil Vice President
Class of 2024 (Faith Community; Oakland)
Jeannie HobsonConference Vice ModeratorClass of 2023 (First Congregational; Fresno)
Diana MadoshiSacramento Valley AssociationClass of 2026 (Loomis Basin Congregational; Loommis)
Rev. Akiko Miyake-StonerSequoia AssociationClass of 2023 (United Japanese Christian; Clovis)
Roy MosleyGolden Gate AssociationClass of 2023 (St. John's; San Francisco)
Rev. Bladimer PaesteAt LargeClass of 2023 (Cosmopolitan Evangelical; San Jose)
Rev. Robert ParrishConference Treasurer (ex-officio)Non-voting (Eden UCC; Hayward)
Jim RossAt LargeClass of 2023 (First Congregational; Ripon)
Rev. Melissa TumanengAt LargeClass of 2025 (Danville Congregational; Danville)
Marc VasquezAt Large, Under Age 30Class of 2024
Mei WangSanta Clara AssociationCouncil President
Class of 2024 (Congregational Community; Sunnyvale)
April WardAt LargeClass of 2025 (Pilgrim Community; San Francisco)
Rev. Dr. Davena JonesBridge Conference MinisterNon-voting (Pilgrim Community UCC; San Francisco)

2022-2023 Meeting Minutes

2021-2022 Meeting Minutes (Note: year is Oct ’21 – Jun ’22 by action of Annual Meeting)

2020-2021 Meeting Minutes (Note: year is Jul ’20 – Sept ’21 by action of Annual Meeting)

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