Employment Opportunities (Job Board)

Please note: positions which require Ministerial Authorization (i.e. Pastor & Teacher, Chaplain, Associate Pastor/Minister, etc) are included in the Search & Call Process in the United Church of Christ. To view all such positions currently open in our Conference, click here to be taken to our Conference’s section on UCC Employment Opportunities.

About This Job Board

Local Church members of Associations in the Northern California Nevada Conference may request to have an employment opportunity posted on this “job board.” Only lay (i.e. non-clergy) positions will be posted here; clergy positions are always posted in conjunction with the covenantal Search & Call Process. Job postings must include a position description, contact person, and link to church website. Job postings are normally posted for six weeks and may be extended. New job postings in their first week of posting will also be included in the Upwellings newsletter. Click here to submit an employment opportunity.

Current Positions

No current positions have been submitted by our churches at this time.